1. Can I get into the venues with a camera or video camera?
You will not be allowed in with professional cameras (reflex) or with video cameras, except in the cases where you have been authorised by the organisation of the festival. 

2. Is there a cloakroom on the site?
Yes, inside the venues and it has an extra cost.

3. Can I take food and drink into the festival site?
No food or drink is allowed into the venues and smoking is not permitted there either.

4. Am I allowed to bring flags, selfie sticks, power banks, ... inside the venues?
More information about the entry regulations and restrictions can be found HERE

5. How does the payment for food and drinks work? 
Drinks can be purchased inside the venues in cash or by debit or credit card at the bars. There is no pre-sale of drink tickets.

6. Can children or under 18 people enter the venues? Is there a special area and price for them?
Minors / under 18 years old are not permitted to enter the venues unaccompanied. There is no special price. Please keep the local regulations of each venue in mind. 

7.What are the things which I need to bring with me in order to enjoy the festival 100%?
Comfortable footwear, your favourite Eurovision outfit, a jacket or jumper for the nights and ear plugs (if you need them).

8.Is there a merchandising area inside the venue?
Yes, there will be a merchandising stand, with official festival merchandise and with all the casts' merchandise, as well as a expo with the Eurovision trophy and historical outfits and props.

9.Is it possible to leave and re-enter the festival site?
No, the tickets are one way only. The moment you leave the venue you cannot get back inside.

10. Can I bring animals to the festival site?
No animals are allowed on the site, apart from guide dogs.

11.What facilities are available for handicapped people or people with special needs?

Disabled people and people with special needs have an exclusive speedy access at the venue, at which they will be given an extra wristband corresponding to the same type as the ticket they bought and that allows them to gain access to the seats exclusively reserved for them with their personal assistant. For security reasons, only one personal assistant per person can access these areas (whenever the capacity of the venue allows it).

As regards toilets, all venues have wheel chair accessible toilets.

If you have any specific needs please contact the Organisation of the tour. Contact details can be found at the end of this page. 

12. What are the official ticket sales points?
The official points of sale are: DICE and in some venues Ticketmaster.
The ticket prices are 45,- EUR / 65,- EUR / 105,- EUR + fees and taxes. 

13. What happens if I buy my ticket at an unofficial point of sale, on an auction website or from a private individual and it turns out to be a fake?
The Organisation does not guarantee the authenticity of the ticket if it has not been purchased from official outlets.

14. What happens if I lose my ticket?
The Organisation assumes no responsibility in case of loss or theft of the ticket. You must keep your ticket safe until the day of the event and not send screenshots or similar to anyone. The beneficiary of the ticket or the person in whose name the ticket is validated, assumes all responsibility in case the ticket is presented in duplicate, losing all rights to access the event. Only the first ticket presented and validated will be valid. Any ticket presented later will be totally invalid. Ticket resale is not allowed.

IMPORTANT: The QR on your ticket allows access to the venue only once. It is your responsibility to safeguard it and prevent it from being duplicated. Do not publish your ticket on social networks, do not print it in unsecured places and keep it out of the reach of third parties.

15. Is there an official after party? And is it included in the ticket?
Yes, official after parties are organised by either the national OGAE clubs or blogs. More information can be found on the social media platforms of the "Eurovision on tour". To access the after party, you have to buy an extra ticket, sold by the cooperation partners directly. 

16. I would like to cover the Eurovision on tour as a journalist, blogger or vlogger. Is this possible and where do I sign up? s there an official after party? And is it included in the ticket?
To sign up for a press accreditation to one of the shows, please send us a request using the link in the form below. Our media team will get back to you with the approval or any questions in case more information is needed. 

17. I have lost or found something during the event. What do I do?
If you lose something, you can go to the nearest information point or fill out the lost and found form, and the venue staff will check if the item has been turned in.
If you found something that does not belong to you, please hand it over to one of the staff members in the venue like barkeepers or security officers.



Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you could not find your answer at the section above. 

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