1.) The following items are not permitted into the Venue: 

• Any item that is illegal to carry or possess under local Law 

• Liquids, Aerosols, Creams, & Gels in containers above 100ml (Maximum size 100 ml per container) 

• Alcoholic Beverages 

• Clothing, items, or signage with the likely purpose of engaging in Ambush Marketing  

• Ammunition 

• Animals with the exception of certified assistance dogs 

• Bags larger than A4 in size (Please note the venue does not have left luggage facilities on site and cannot assist in storage of these bags) 

• Helium Balloons, Frisbees or similar objects or projectiles (including inflatables.)

• Bicycles, rollerblades, skates, skateboards, scooters, Segway’s, or similar 

• Chairs, folding chairs or similar, prams/baby carriers.  

• Glass/Plastic/Metal Bottles or Containers 

• Controlled drugs or items having the appearance of controlled drugs. Medically prescribed medicine is permitted.  

• CS / Pava Incapacitant Spray • Explosive devices, fireworks, flares, pyrotechnics, smoke canisters or similar (including stink bombs) 

• Firearms, replica firearms or any device suspected to be a firearm or component part 

• Flags larger than 0.5 m x 1 m or Flags, Flag Sticks, Signs / Banners 

• Flammable substances, liquids, & fuel. (Cigarette lighters, matches and size compliant personnel use toiletries are permitted) 

• Food and Drink (reasonable quantity of baby food permitted if attending with a baby) 

• Gas cylinders and similar items 

• Hand or power tools, metal spikes, nails, or tacks. 

• Hazardous substances including powders, pastes, chemicals, irritants, toxic and flammable substances. 

• Items for sale or distribution (unauthorised.) Any items individuals could distribute, hawk, sell, offer, expose for sale, or display for marketing, promotional or commercial purposes including flyers, pamphlets & promotional materials. 

• Knives and other items with edged blades and / or sharp points including large scissors, pocketknife or other cutting devices, or item designed or constructed to hold an edge 

• Large items: any item too large to fit comfortably under a spectator seat or is likely to present a threat to safety in the event of an evacuation. 

• Laser pointers, strobe lights and similar emitting devices. 

• Noisemaking devices likely to impact on artist and spectator experience including vuvuzelas, horns, air horns, rattles, loud hailers, musical instruments 

• Offensive messaging: messaged clothing, banners, posters, flags (including regional flags of participating countries with political overtones,) or material of any kind displaying inappropriate or offensive images or writing as deemed by Venue personnel.  Including, but not limited to, those meant to offend any protected classes or characteristics, politics, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, etc.  

• Offensive weapon or implements (i.e., anything made, adapted, or intended for use for causing injury to a person, including bayonets, flick knives, martial arts weapons, extendable batons, sharpened combs) 

• Professional Photographic and broadcast equipment including tripods and monopod 

• Protest items and materials 

• Restricted frequency transmitting or receiving equipment or devices. (Radio transmitters, walkie talkies, radio scanners, cell, or radio jamming devices.) 

• Remote controlled items, including drones 

• Selfie sticks 

• Umbrellas 

• Crash Helmets 

• Masks or any item which covers the face with the exception of masks used for medical or hygiene reasons. Masks must be momentarily removed if requested for identification purposes. 

• Chains, and Spiked / Studded items of clothing (including Bracelets or Belts) 

• Packages/Parcels 

• Any other items at the discretion of the Venue which is likely to have an adverse effect on the successful delivery of the ESC  


2.) Latecomers will only be admitted into the Venue at a suitable break in the performance and/or at the discretion of the Management. 


3.) If a Customer experiences any problems with their seating or enjoyment prior to or during the Event the Customer must inform Venue staff immediately as issues cannot always be resolved after the Event. 


4.) Official merchandising shall only be on sale in areas designated and/or licensed by Eurodrama Entertainment Group. 


For any questions or incidents you can contact us at

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